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Cyberpunk 2077 Features

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• More granular map filters (e.g. show only weapon shops or clothing shops; show only thievery jobs or saboteur jobs etc.) as well as the ability to select filters by clicking with the mouse on a given entry in the legend <br /> • The ability to rotate the map while in fixed camera mode <br /> • Ability to change appearance post character creation <br /> • A garage for owned vehicles or at least a dedicated parking spot in megabuilding H10's car park <br /> • More minigames (e.g. play snooker with that guy in Afterlife, use some of the arcades, more variants of the hacking minigame etc.) <br /> • An additional vendor filter for crafting specs only <br /> • The ability to craft items in batches <br /> • Hide already purchased crafting specs from vendor lists <br /> • The ability to get rid of old, low-quality cyberware (dismantle / sell / drop / give to ripperdoc for a discount on new version) <br /> • A dedicated inventory filter for quest items <br /> • The ability to upgrade the quality of mods, cyberware, quickhacks and grenades, similar to what we can do with weapons and clothing <br /> • Loot level scaling based on character level, street cred and health <br /> • Enemy level scaling based on V's stats <br /> • The ability to toggle the visibility of clothing items on and off <br /> • Make clothing matter for role-playing. Examples: <br /> - Wearing &lt;gangName&gt; jacket/cap/pants while strolling through a &lt;gangName&gt; hideout is considered a disguise (increased detection time?) <br /> - Donning a hazmat suit increases chemical resistance or provides DoT reduction like the Resist! mod <br /> - Ocusets have a built-in bonus to Range similar to scopes <br /> - Gas masks have a built-in bonus to Oxygen akin to the Osmosis mod <br /> - Netrunner suits provide bonuses quickhack duration <br /> • NG+ either with static bonuses or bonuses based on the way with acted during our other playthroughs

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