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GoG reclaim, connect, etc. embedded in Glaxy

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While you find "redeem code" for gift codes and such under the huge GoG-badge left at your installed games list in Galaxy, there is now obvious or even existing way to reach "connect" (to claim games already bought on STEAM) or "reclaim" for box versions of games you might have previously bought as hardcopy.

Please add those (best under the GoG-badge too.
Or at least add the possibility to navigate to those subsides in the glaxy-client (a editable address-bar would be helpfull here)

Additionally, those programs do not work on just any game, but only those temporarily promoted. It is a huge hassle to always check via browser if there is any game that you might have sitting in your wardrobe that you might currently claim. Wouldn't it be possible to have a way to collect and enter all the codes of your box games with a tag one could applay, and as soon as such a game is eligible, get at least notified (if not having it automatically added via reclaiming that key-code)?

That way one could enter his 30 something box games of ol'-times and see when and if they come to GoG and when they might get reclaimable.

That would be awsome!

Else, we love you GoG!


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