Daedalic Entertainment
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko’s Choice is now available! Set in Japan around the Edo period, the game lets you take control of kunoichi adept Aiko as she sets off on a dangerous quest along with her deadly assassin friends. You’re not in the stealth games mood? Join Edna & Harvey on their crazy adventures or help Rufus on his quests for saving the planet Deponia. Don’t forget to check upcoming Daedalic games and wishlist them!
Established in 2007, Daedalic Entertainment is a publisher and developer of high-quality computer and video games, with a strong focus on engaging narratives and compelling characters. Daedalic and their products won numerous industry and design awards; the company is well known for adventure game masterpieces including Silence, The Deponia Series, Edna & Harvey, The Dark Eye: Memoria and Blackguards.