Win them all! Play awesome titles from GOG.COM's Sports Game Collection

If you can’t imagine this summer without the thrills only a rush of endorphins can give, check out our Sports Game Collection! It’s a great way to check out classic titles that entertained different sports disciplines fans for decades!
If you prefer grass over sandy beaches, check out classic gems like:
Golazo! Football League (-80%) – a game freshly released on GOG.COM!
Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 (-75%)
MicroProse Soccer (-33%)
If you feel like sweating after a more… savage match, these titles are for you:
Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition (-60%)
Speedball 2 HD (-66%)
For all the fans of less brutal, yet highly challenging sports, we have a surprise. Three classic golf games are now available on GOG.COM to bring you fun again:
Links: The Challenge of Golf (-33%)
Links 386 Pro (-33%)
Links LS: 1998 Edition (-33%)
Browse through our Sports Game Collection for more fun titles before the Summer Sale on GOG.COM ends on 28th June 2021, at 1 PM UTC.