Watch the finals of the Heroes 3 World Championship

All fans of the cult turn-based fantasy game from New World Computing rejoice because you’re in for a thrill! The grand finale of Heroes 3 World Championship is upon us, taking place between 14th and 16th January 2022. To see a clash of true champions, just visit NVIDIAGeForcePL Twitch channel, H3.GG YouTube channel or CD-Action magazine official page when three following matches will take place:
1) Friday, 14th January – 3 PM UTC.
2) Saturday, 15th January – 12 AM UTC.
3) Sunday, 16th January – 12 AM UTC (will be commenced if after two rounds we still won’t have a winner).
Feel invited to watch and cheer for your favorite contestant! And if you want to revisit the unforgettable Heroes of Might and Magic® 3: Complete once more – visit our special partner page, filled to the brim with fantastic strategy games selected by video game journalists from the CD-Action video game magazine.