The Escapist Indie Showcase gives you a peek at upcoming games

The first edition of The Escapist Indie Showcase is here with the latest gameplay reveals, behind the scenes meetings with game developers, and more.
Visit our dedicated event page to watch the pre-recorded showcase, browse through the upcoming games, and add them to your wishlists. Then be sure to check out the post-show livestreams on YouTube and Twitch that will run through June 12-14 from 11 AM to 7 PM ET (3 PM to 11 PM UTC).
The Escapist Indie Showcase features new gameplay footage and details about Chernobylite game and beautiful Resolutiion which are both available for purchase along with many upcoming indie games, some of which are confirmed to release on GOG.COM in the near future.
Here's a full list of featured games that are coming soon to GOG.COM:
  1. A Juggler's Tale
  2. Art of Rally
  3. Black Skylands
  4. Danger Scavenger
  5. Dream Engines: Nomad Cities
  6. Dreamscaper
  7. Edge of Eternity
  8. Eldest Souls
  9. Figment: Creed Valley
  10. Gamedec
  11. Hellpoint
  12. Mayhem in Single Valley
  13. Minute of Islands
  14. Nanotale - Typing Chronicles
  15. Nighthawks - The Vampire RPG
  16. Paradise Killer
  17. Paradise Lost
  18. Roki
  19. ScourgeBringer
  20. The Riftbreaker
  21. The Way of Wrath
  22. UnDungeon
  23. Unto the End
  24. We Are The Caretakers