Take a wild Hack ‘n’ Slash ride with 4 Darksiders games

September is RPG Month here at GOG.COM. To help celebrate, we’re having week-long sales all month that highlight different subgenres and franchises.
And what is RPG month without a Hack ‘n’ Slash sale? As part of Hack ‘n’ Slash week, we’ll be celebrating the entire Darksiders series. From developers Vigil Games and the mind of comic book artist Joe Madureira, Darksiders offers an epic original trilogy and a fourth spinoff that takes the franchise in a bit of a different direction.
Spanning a total of four different games in the decade since the original Darksiders game was released in 2010, this series features an epic, supernatural war of the worlds between heaven and hell. In each game, you take on the role of a different member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so you’ll constantly be on your toes with Darksiders. Check out the four Darksiders games that are part of RPG month’s Hack ‘n’ Slash sale.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition

In the initial story in the Darksiders series, players take on the role of War, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse. Deceived by forces of evil and accused of plotting an end to the world, War is stripped of his powers and forced down to Earth by the sacred Charred Council.
Once there, War must find out the truth about the deceptive plot that saw him lose his powers and set in motion an apocalypse. But an army of Angels is on the hunt, and they won’t make War’s task an easy one.
The Warmastered Edition comes with a variety of enhancements that expand upon the excitement of the original game. With support for 4K and optimized frame rates among several other graphical improvements, Darksiders Warmastered Edition lets you experience the story of War better than ever.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

The second game in the series runs parallel to the events of the first game. This time around, players take control of Death, the second Horseman of the Apocalypse. While War fights for his own redemption on Earth, Death fights an entirely different battle, but with the same goal of redemption for his brother.
Darksiders II features similar gameplay to the first game, but with a whole new arsenal of weapons and abilities. Death is a nimble fighter and must use his dexterity alongside his iconic scythe to thwart enemies in places like “The White city,” an epic angel outpost.
Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition includes all of the game’s DLCs. That’s an additional 30 plus hours of gameplay, and loads of additional content for you to explore during your time as Death.

Darksiders III Deluxe Edition

Darksiders III takes the series in a bit of a different direction, though the game doesn’t stray too far away from its origins. Playing as Fury, the third Horseman of the Apocalypse, fighting in Darksiders III takes a more methodical approach.
Instead of simply slashing your way through enemies, combat takes a bit more tact and strategy in Darksiders III. Fury is a mage, and she is described as the most unpredictable of the Four Horseman. She relies on a variety of tools, like whips, daggers, and flails, along with her magic abilities to take down her enemies.
With Darksiders III Deluxe Edition, you get the full Darksiders III base game as well as both of the game’s DLCs, The Crucible, and Keepers of the Void. Become Fury and capture the Seven Deadly Sins before they are able to wreak more havoc.

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis really sees the game take a sharp turn. This installment in the series takes more of a top-down approach, similar to the likes of the Diablo games. Keeping true to the series progression through the Four Horseman, Darksiders Genesis sees players take up the mantle of Strife, the fourth Horseman. But unlike previous titles, Strife is joined by his brother, War, this time around.
That’s not the only change, either, with Airship Syndicate taking over development for this unique entry to the series. After the events of War’s alleged apocalypse, the Four Horsemen are summoned to the Charred Council with a new problem. This time, the demon king Lucifer is wreaking havoc.
In Darksiders Genesis, players can switch freely between the gunslinger Strife, and his brother who wields the massive sword, Chaos Eater. Genesis is the first game in the franchise that offers co-op play, so you and a friend can play as the sibling Horsemen together.

Keep your eye out for RPG month’s Hack ‘n’ Slash sale

As far as Hack ‘n’ Slash goes, it doesn’t get much better than the Darksiders series. With plenty of variety and several gameplay styles throughout the franchise’s history, Darksiders offers a unique RPG experience that just about any RPG fan will love.
Remember, September is RPG Month, and we’ll be having exciting sales all month to help celebrate. There’s never been a better time than now to give the Darksiders series a try, so keep your eye on GOG.COM for this year’s Hack ‘n’ Slash sale!