Tacoma review roundup, and a word from the devs

Tacoma, a narrative-driven adventure from the creators of Gone Home, has just released – and it appears to be a stellar experience! So many of us here at the GOG.com headquarters are slowly taking in the intrigue, the setting, and the story – so if you're with us, or thinking about hopping on board, check out the review roundup below. Also, don't miss the just-announced offer – where buying Tacoma gets you Event[0] for free only on GOG.com
The team at Fullbright will be hanging around the forums today, so come to the comments, share your thoughts on the game, and say hello!
We’ve worked extremely hard on bringing Tacoma to life, and now that our game is out in the wild, we wanted to share some of the initial reviews and impressions that have come in over the past 24 hours. Again, we are humbled by the amazingly thoughtful pieces written, videos created and sentiments shared about the world and characters we’ve created.
From all of us at Fullbright, Thank you!
"Something I really appreciated was the individuality of each crew member. Probably the most immediately obvious thing is the diversity of body shape. The game doesn’t make a big song and dance about it, it’s more that it’s noticeable in a gaming landscape which tends towards a generic/idealised basic shape. These seemed like humans rather than generic game avatars. But beyond that there are also a range of relationships, family dynamics, faiths and personal struggles or ambitions. The more I speak to anyone, the more I find out that they have their own problems, heartbreaks and happinesses to navigate and it’s so nice to see that reflected in what you find out on Tacoma rather than a bunch of archetypes."Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"I’ve never been much for stories set in space, outside of the occasional outlier like SOMA or Futurama, and yet, here we are. I got so caught up in the story, I found myself gasping out loud and putting my hands over my face. That’s how much I liked it. I risked jawline acne for this game."Paste Magazine
"Developer Fullbright’s vision of the future space travel is impressive, especially with its depiction of a grotesque evolution of capitalism. In 2088, your loyalty to a brand is worth money, and it can even shape your family’s future. This feudalistic concept and other futuristic problems are explored in detail throughout Tacoma."IGN
"Tacoma excels at making you care deeply about how those questions impact people. When the story was over, I was bummed. There was just enough for me to get to know everyone, but it felt like the first episode in a larger story, cliffhanger and all. That I came away from Tacoma wanting to know more about the fates of everyone I'd "met" is a compliment to any character-focused drama." WayPoint
"an intriguing tale about mortality and relationships in the face of catastrophe..."Game Informer