UPDATE - Surviving Mars gets Spirit and Opportunity updates

The Spirit of Opportunity.
Surviving Mars just received another update, this time called Opportunity. It brings quite a few additions and improvements, including:
- Passage: Use these transportation tunnels to connect your domes together. #TEAMWORK.
- New high-end automated building available for your colony
- A new large water tank to keep your growing colony from going thirsty
- Several new options to toggle during game setup in order to make the missions easier or harder, depending on your preference
- Assorted fixes and UI improvements
[previous message about Spirit update follows]
Surviving Mars, the groovy city-building sim about establishing a functional colony on the Red Planet, just received a Spirit update which brings all sorts of improvements, fixes, and new features.
Some standouts:
- Science Institute now renamed to Hawking Institute, in tribute to the late astrophysicist
- Domes now have a Birth Control Policy that can be set to allowed or forbidden
- Pathfinding for your Rovers improved
- Photo Mode now has a free camera option
- Several gameplay and UI fixes/ improvements
What do you think, Martians? Ready to put up some domes?