Sunless Skies: Share your flash fiction, win sweet swag

Welcome, captain.
You took a wrong turn but ended up in the right place: the Haunted Traveler. Nobody remembers how this pub came to be and you'd swear it stands on a different corner every night. Yet somehow, its patrons always seem to find their way here.
Two weeks you were out there, drifting through the High Wilderness up in Sunless Skies aboard your brave locomotive. You got some stories to tell and we want to hear them.
Regale us with your most spectacular, horrific, exhilarating tales and these rewards could be yours:
• a set of three **very limited** pin badges
• and an item of your choosing from the official Failbetter store
The rules are simple: write a short story in English no longer than 101 words, inspired by the Fallen London universe and post it below. Begin your tale with either of these phrases:
The first thing we saw was...
The last thing we expected was...
We'll listen to your tale, sip our ale, and pick the three stories that impressed us the most. Will they be about a soul-crushing disaster, a fascinating discovery, an amusing anecdote? The tone and premise of the story are up to you. You can even participate with more than one story if you fancy.
So go on, captain, spin us a short tale that could make eldritch horrors weep with awe.
You have until February 24th, 11pm UTC to drop your submission(s).