Star Wars Day: Up to 65% off of Star Wars games • The classic STAR WARS™ Battlefront releases on GOG

To celebrate May the 4th, GOG.COM is announcing the digital release of the legendary STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ (Classic, 2004), and launching a week-long sale on classic Star Wars games.
From the Battle for Naboo to the Battle of Endor, the Historical Campaign mode in the classic STAR WARS™ Battlefront (Classic, 2004) lets you become a fighter of the Republic and the Empire alike as you take part in epic battles for the control over the Galaxy.
In the Galactic Conquest mode, gamers choose between 20 characters and 4 factions and fight on land, air and in space. Plus, take command of a variety of vehicles on 16 massive maps, including Bespin, Hoth or Naboo.
STAR WARS™ Battlefront (Classic, 2004) is now available DRM-free and at a 15% discount until May 9th, 10PM UTC.
During GOG.COM’s Star Wars week, there are plenty of other galactic goodies: players follow the path of Darth Revan in the pinnacle of Action RPGs Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (-65%), become a Jedi in Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (-65%), or go and win some Podraces in Star Wars Episode 1: Racer (-40%).
There’s even more waiting for fans in our Star Wars Sale, available through May 9th at 10PM UTC.