Six new local currencies now available

Make your purchases in PLN, CAD, CHF, NOK, SEK, or DKK
Today we are adding six new local currency options to our store. From now on, if you are making purchases from Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, you will be able to pay in your local currency, i.e. PLN, CAD, CHF, NOK, SEK, or DKK, respectively.
If you live in one of these beautiful countries, you're already able to choose between USD and EUR. Now, you get a third payment option: your local currency. Any store credit you may already have in USD or EUR remains unchanged and can be used for future purchases made in those currencies.
For more information on how our store credit works, check out this FAQ.
You can easily switch between your currency options using the drop-down menu at the website's footer or by going to Account → Orders & Settings → Account and Locale.
Having more options is always useful and a familiar currency can go a long way towards helping you plan your gaming budget. Now, you can do your DRM-free shopping in eleven currencies : USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, RUB, PLN, CAD, CHF, NOK, SEK, or DKK. Enjoy!