Release: Train Valley 2 - Patent Pending

We have something for Train Valley 2 enthusiasts – Train Valley 2 - Patent Pending is here with a -10% discount!
Moreover, Train Valley 2 is discounted -65% and all its other DLCs are 55% off!
Train Valley 2 is a train tycoon puzzle game that allows you to build railroads, upgrade your locomotives and keep the trains on schedule – all in adorable, colorful low-poly graphics.
With Train Valley 2 - Patent Pending DLC, you’ll spend 20 valleys train driving together with the Flazm Interactive's Delivery Puzzle Ideas Requisition Division, where no expense is spared and jury-rigging new plot devices while accidentally inventing another chewing gum flavor and/or type of propulsion is just another day at the office. Upgrade your clearance level and access new locomotives, experience latest station and industry types and level objectives, explore fresh objects added to the level editor.
Now on GOG!