Release: The Settlers 4: Gold Edition

It's a human ant colony!
The Settlers 4: Gold Edition, a charming civilization-building strategy classic true to its roots and full of micro-managing goodness, is available on for only $9.99.
Looking at an anthill one can't help to admire the excellent workflow managment the little insects so effortlessly achieve. Something that's entirely out of reach for any human corporation, community, nor army comes absolutely natural to them. Every ant seems to know its exact place in the big scheme and in any given moment it does exactly what it's supposed to be doing. Now imagine, that it's not an anthill you're looking at, but a human settlement, and it's not the insect hive mind in control but you. Kind of makes you drunk with power, right? Well snap out of it, cause the ominous Dark Tribe is coming to obliterate everything that's good in your realm and it's up to you to lead the Romans, Mayans, Vikings, and Trojans in the struggle against the invader.
The Settlers 4: Gold Edition is everything you would expect from a Settlers game and more! The brilliant mechanics of managing and expanding your settlements by the hands of little virtual villagers are still there, as enjoyable as ever. This time, however, the game comes with a number of useful tweaks such as a seamless zoom feature giving you better overview of your realm. This installment offers higher resolution support so that game can be more detailed than ever. The Gold Edition comes with two expansions: The Trojans and the Elixir of Power, adding another playable nation and its campaign, and a Mission CD with a great selection of scenarios and a random map generator. With this edition, there can be no end to your fun with your tiny obedient subjects.
If you like the Settlers series you simply can't miss this title. If you're not familiar with it, The Settlers 4: Gold Edition is a perfect entry point to the Settlers universe, available for only $9.99 on