Release: The Night of the Rabbit

Oh my ears and whiskers! I'm early!
The Night of the Rabbit, a point-and-click adventure of magic and mystery, with beautiful storybook graphics, arrived a day early and it's available for Windows and Mac OS X on, for only $19.99.
Who goes there? Oh, you have startled me, human. We don't see many of your kind here, in the deepest depths of the forest. This isn't a place most humans would understand, their minds always busy with their work and duties. This is Mouswood, a place of magic, wonders, and danger. Or was it "adventure"? I do always get these two confused. Are you lost? I'll tell you a secret--you're only lost as long as you keep looking for a way out. Me? I never go looking for anything else than what I've already got. You never know what you may find. Or what may have find you. Take this boy who came across my clearing a while ago--was it days, or weeks, or years?--he was looking for something, but instead he was found by the Marquis. That must've ended badly for him, I gather. Or was it "well"? Words are confusing. But look at me, going on and on and on, while you probably don't want to listen to the old tree like me. Ah! I don't even suppose you can understand me, and my leafwind speach. You probably just wanted to rest a while in my shadow. Well, be on your way then. Good luck. Just remember: don't follow the white rabbit. Or "do follow" him. I do always get these two confused.
The Night of the Rabbit is an adventure game that features classic point-and-click gameplay, but matches it with extraordinary amount of fairytale qualities. The puzzles here, are an addition to the story, not the other way around. As you follow the hero, Jerry Hazelnut, and his rabbit guide, the mysterious Marquis de Hoto, deep into the mysteriously beautiful realm of Mousewood, you will many times stop to look with awe at your surroundings. The gameworld envisioned by Matt Kempke, is full of discrete charm and secret matters known only to the inhabitants of the forest. The story, as it starts to reveal, will put you in that special state of mind you only experience as a child, heading out to meet the adventure unknown, before the summer ends. If you're looking for a game full of wonders, that will make your inner child smile, and yet force you to reflect on things important in life, you have found it. Let the Rabbit lead you towards a late summer night's dream.
The Mousewood calls, can you hear it--the soft, charming whisper in the wind, playing with the summer's first dry leaves? Answer its call, get The Night of the Rabbit for only $19.99 on