Release: The Cat Lady

Meowing. Meowing. Meowing! Meowing in your head.
The Cat Lady, a visually bewildering point-and-click adventure game with dark and violent theme and a mad, genuinely unnerving story, is available 25% off on That's only $7.49 for the first week!
People are imperfect. That's a fact. But just knowing it, and seeing the extent of their imperfection, makes a colossal difference. So filled with fear, and aggression we are, us humans. Always threading so close to the edge of sanity, keeping the madness at bay only by means of everyday habits and social contract. But on the inside? What kind of insane thoughts fester the mind of the people you randomly pass by on the streets? What sick ideas would you find, if you had the ability to look into the minds of your close ones? Your neighbors? Your co-workers? You'll never know. But admit it, deep inside you're terrified of what might be going on in other people's heads. The true human nature might be the greatest horror in existence. This is a game playing on those fears.
The Cat Lady uses the classic point and click mechanics to tell a story that will put your mind way outside your comfort zone. It depicts violence, fear, and psychosis in a way that's both surreal and unsettlingly realistic. Its original art style adds even further to the depressive and unhinging mood. If you like an occasional trip to the other side of sanity and you're not afraid of some explicit imagery on the way, The Cat Lady will be an experience you won't soon forget.
Sometimes, we like to challenge you to stare deep into the void. Today is one of these days. Go on, get The Cat Lady for only $7.49 on Play it. Stay sane. Come back for more.