Release: Subwar 2050 Complete

Underwater pyrotechnics.
Subwar 2050 Complete, an excellent DOS-era fighter sim with great gameplay mechanics and stylish visuals, set in the middle of future corporate war under the sea, is available now on, for only $5.99
The calm dark waters of the ocean. Whatever happens at the bottom, there's nothing on the surface to indicate any trouble, pain, nor death. Maybe just a ripple. Better part of our planet is covered by water, so it's no wonder that humankind rushed in to seize control over the oceanic reaches at one point of its history. The corporate greed and lust for power knows no boundaries, and for the CEOs of the great corporations it makes no difference whether a spot on their map lies on land or under the sea. After all, they're not the ones to fight the war, piloting the state-of-the art aquatic warships. That part of corporate warfare is all yours to handle.
Subwar 2050 Complete makes you a mercenary pilot of futuristic submarines, performing various missions in the course of corporate war for domination over the oceanic floor. You'll have to master specific underwater fight tactics to emerge victorious out of the game's many campaigns. With an original setting, complex maneuvers, deep and satisfying gameplay, and a great selection of missions this is one of the best fighter sims in existence, whether in space, mid-air, land, or sea. The Complete edition includes The Plot Deepens data-disk, adding more weapons, new submarines, and extra three campaigns into the game.
Prepare for amazing aquatic action from the golden age of DOS games. Get Subwar 2050 Complete on, for only $5.99!