Release: SpellForce 2 Anniversary Edition

Breath of new life.
SpellForce 2 Anniversary Edition a cult-favorite mix of RPG/RTS in a revitalized package, is available now DRM-free on
By the year 2007, SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars and its expansion SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm swept across the gamersphere, garnering a cult following for its mix of RPG and RTS elements in a bold, coherent, and–most importantly–absolutely fun experience.
A decade later, SpellForce 2 Anniversary Edition is here to breathe a new life into the series with a rebuilt multiplayer experience as well as numerous gameplay and bug fixes. Combining both SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars and Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm, the Anniversary Edition is a completely free upgrade to all owners of both original products, and an affordable upgrade (67% off) if you only own the base game.