Release: Richard and Alice

But baby, it's cold outside!
Richard and Alice, a sophisticated and mature indie adventure game that excels in captivating storytelling, is available on for only $5.99.
There aren't that many games that leave you uneasy, feeling that what you just witnessed, what you were a part of, changed the way you look at the world. This is one of these games. Its setting might be an artistic vision of the future, but it's realistic enough not to draw attention from what really matters here: real life emotions, and a tale about what it means to be human. Richard and Alice are not your everyday game heroes. They feel real. Society slowly dissolves in the cold future world and the main characters have had their share of tragedy in their lives. Things look grim, but there must be some good left in the world. There must be some hope, even for a couple of strangers brought together by imprisonment. There has to be some love left, right?
Richard and Alice is an indie adventure title that utilizes the classic point-and-click mechanics and simplistic graphics to tell a mature and moving story set in a grim near-future science fiction Earth. While the gameplay is fairly easy, the game forces you to face some profound questions. You might not be happy with some of the answers. But whatever feelings you end up with after playing the game, we guarantee that you will appreciate the excellent writing.
Witness the cold, white downfall of modern civilization and uncover the scars and secrets held deep in the dark by Richard and Alice, for only $5.99 on