Release: Rayman Origins

The platformer king returns in his 2D glory!
Rayman Origins, a whimsical, colorful, and phenomenally playable reboot bringing the series back to its 2D roots and allowing to visit its fantastic world with up to three friends in co-op mode, is available 50% off on That's only $9.99 for the next 48 hours!
Rayman is an iconic character and his platformer games entertained generations of gamers. As many other platformer series, his adventures also took a turn into the realm of 3D. They were quite successful at that, mind you, but there's something about the run-and-jump genre, that simply makes it work best in two dimensions. Rayman Origins takes us back to the 2D roots of platformer gaming, and reminds us why this kind of graphics and this kind of gameplay is a perfect match. Plus, it introduces a lot of fresh ideas while doing so.
Rayman Origins is an explosion of action, color, fun, and joy. The cartoony 2D graphics pictures a beautiful world full of magic, wonder, and strangeness that will instantly charm its explorers. The fast-paced platforming gameplay paired with perfect controls and masterful level design make this title an instant classic of the platformer genre. The tone of the game is whimsical and lighthearted, but that does not mean it comes without challenge. Luckily, you can bring up to three friends along for the mad chase through the Glade of Dreams in the well-executec co-op mode. Whether you are a Rayman fan looking to be reunited with some of the iconic characters from the series, or a newcomer in the Raymanverse, this game is guaranteed to bring you much fun and joy.
If you've ever enjoyed a platformer game--any platformer game!--there's a great chance you'll instantly fall in love with Rayman Origins. Get it now, DRM-free, for only $9.99 on The half-price offer lasts until Thursday, June 6, at 9:59AM GMT.