Release: Overlord + Raising Hell

When being a master of a dungeon just doesn't cut it.
Overlord + Raising Hell, a fantasy action-adventure game in which you become a revenant lord commanding his mean minions to ravage and conquer the realm, is available on, for only $9.99.
Ooooooh! Now I'm really mad! They shouldn't have done that. Fools! What's the big idea, putting me in that tomb? Yes, I was dead. So what? Like death ever stopped any lord of evil and treachery before. Death is like a brother to me! Well, a second cousin, but we still keep in touch. Did they seriously think I would stay dead? Those maggots, those idiots, I'll rip off their arms and feed them to the crows. Then I'll feed the crows to the wild dogs. Then I'll make dog stew and feed it to those basterds! Oh, yes, my wrath will be terrible, my retribution swift! Minions! Minions!!! Minions!!!!! Gather, my faithful beasties. The time has come. We go to war. Ha! Haha!!! Hahahaahhahaah!!!!!
Overlord + Raising Hell presents you with a whole fantasy realm ready for plucking. In this action-adventure title you become an evil (or, optionally, really evil--the choice is your's) revenant lord that plans to take over the kingdom by force and take revenge on the corrupt heroes who ruled it in his absence. He's accompanied by a host of vile gremlin-like minions that blindly follow his command. That adds another layer of gameplay in the lines of simple real-time strategy. The edition comes with the Raising Hell expansion for maximum impact.
You can practice being evil by stealing candy from some babies, selling it to diabetics, being sued, winning the case, getting amends for being traumatized by the legal system, and then spending it all ($9.99 that is) on Overlord + Raising Hell on!