Release: Hard Reset: Redux – Twitter contest winners are here!

TWITTER CONTEST ALERT: the results are in!
The mission was to compose the most ludicrious work of literary gimnastics using a very particular set of keywords. The prizes were impressive and plenty, and so are the winners:
Grand Prize Winner: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition GPU & more...
- @Osker28
2nd Prize Winners:
- @rockerman777
- @LarryDarren
- @Robbingbob27
- @CatalinDima89
- @Jackal2099
- @Schrottinator
- @BookishGamer
3rd Prize Winners:
- @CritImportunas
- @kdpsnake
- @Nenad
- @IndieLobster
- @Unknown_Guide
- @sharanofficial
- @fuckviva
The Prizes:
- Grand Prize Winner
1 Brand New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition GPU, so that you can future- proof your mighty rig!
1 Physical Copy of "The Art of Hard Reset: A Visual Journey" Artbook
1 copy of Hard Reset Redux
1 copy of Shadow Warrior 2
- 2nd Prize Winners
The 2nd prize winners will each receive 1 copy of Hard Reset Redux and 1 copy of Shadow Warrior 2
- 3rd Prize Winners
The 3rd Prize winners will each receive 1 copy of Hard Reset Redux
Thanks for playing everyone!
Release: Hard Reset Redux
Hard Reset: Redux, a heavily upgraded edition of the cult-classic cyberpunk FPS, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 10% launch discount or 85% for owners of Shadow Warrior (2013)!
Humanity is under siege. Bezoar, the last bastion of mankind, is being attacked by bloodthirsty machines seeking to download its extensive data-bank, where billions of digitized human minds are stored. It's time for a last stand. It's time for hard decisions. It's time for a Hard Reset.
The relentless gunplay, the wanton destruction, and the hardcore sensibilities that gained the original its cult fame, are back with a vengeance. Hard Reset: Redux brings a barrage of improvements, including better visuals, a new enemy type, a sweet dash move, a mean-looking cyber-katana, optimized performance, and an all-around more balanced experience. Definitely a far more enjoyable one than what our mechanical overlords would want us to have, should they were allowed to succeed...
Lay waste to an army of nefarious contraptions and cause a Hard Reset: Redux, DRM-free on