Release: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

A dreamy platformer with a world-shifting, identity-changing twist.
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a beautiful platformer that delivers a blast from the past while remaining modern, juicy, and delightfully fresh, is now available on for only $13.49! That's 10% off the regular price until Tuesday, October 30.
They say that there's only one way to understand a teenage girl: you have to be one. In case of Giana this can prove to be even more difficult, as there's much more to her than meets the eye. But the same thing can be said about almost every single thing or being inhabiting the dream realm in which the girl is trapped. Have you ever been trapped inside a dream, wanting to wake up? A dream in which every time you thought you broke free you just fell deeper into the recurring delusion? That's what happened to our heroine. But luckily, her predicament allowed her to unleash an alternate, feisty persona and harness the ability to flip from nightmare to a dream and back, just like flipping a coin. That's more than a fair fighting chance against the twisted odds.
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams takes all you love about classic platformers: jumping platforms, stomping on enemies' heads, solving simple puzzles, collecting shiny tokens, and searching for secrets--and puts it in a unique double-vision environment. While the blonde "cute" Giana travels through the dark land of nightmares, her redhead "punky" alter-ego blasts through a much lighter and cheerful dream realm. The player is given the ability to dynamically switch between the two worlds and characters at will, using both personas' unique skills and taking advantage of each world's slightly different layout. It's like playing two games at once (which in most cases doesn't make much sense apart from being a nice party trick; but here, it makes for a challenging and original gameplay).
Make yourself a nice pot of strong coffee, cause you're not getting any sleep tonight, while you run and jump through the fantastic realms of a teenage girl's fancy in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, for only $13.49.