Release: Dyad

Board the groove train to transcendence!
Dyad, a psychedelic arcade abstract shooter that aims to mesmerizing the player, with its rhythmic pulse and vibrant colors, quite possibly to the point of inducing some transcendental experiences*, is available on 10% off on That's only $13.49 for the first week.
The purple grass was warm and fuzzy. A tingling sensation moved up from my bare feet to the top of my head, and did not stop there, going ever higher towards the lime-green shiny sky. It felt as if my consciousness stretched itself way beyond my body, reaching for some distant central point of the universe, connecting it with the planet core, way beyond the Earth's surface. I was no longer a point in space. I was a string, and I was vibrating to the sound of the Cosmos in perfect harmony with all the other strings, going through every object around me. The space, the time, and the I--absolute unity. So, I played Dyad yesterday. What's your plan for the evening?
Dyad, an abstract tunnel shooter game with eye-candy graphics and intriguing interactive music, isn't the most challenging game. It sort of just flows, allowing you to experience its hypnotic beauty and immerse yourself in a peculiar state of relaxed alertness. Its 27 different levels, three game-modes, and collectible trophies provide you with many additional challenges, but mostly, this is a perfect game to take the edge off after a long day and forget about the world. Also, it's really groovy, and you just need to check it out, dude!
Move over, Lucy! There's a new Diamond in the Sky, and it's called Dyad. It's high time you got it on, for only $13.49. The offer lasts until Wednesday, May 1, at 12:59PM GMT.
*Effect may vary. Never tested on animals. uses only consenting adults for game testing purposes.