Release: Democracy 3

It was said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. --Sir Winston Churchill
Democracy 3, a robust simulation of society and politics that puts you in charge of a realistic virtual country and challenges you with maintaining peace, prosperity, and progress, is available on for $24.99.
Somehow, political strategy games that give you leadership over a nation play out in fictional realms or ages long passed. You think medieval politics are tough? They don't even compare to modern time politics, where the generally obedient subjects have been replaced with ever-angry voters. That's democracy for you. Democracy 3, to be precise. In this multi-layered political sim you're tasked with running a country full of dynamically simulated voters whose needs, likes, and dislikes you'll need to deal with. With raging recession, unrestrained unemployment, catastrophical crime rate, and even creeping climate change, your virtual office will have their hands full 24/7! This is easily the most complex political strategy game ever made, with almost all the factors that actual governments should take into account in their actions. Your job will be a bit easier here, though, as you'll have all the actual data on your nation's condition, not just opinion polls to go by. This is a gaming experience that'll make you appreciate those in charge a bit more--or hate them with greater passion!
Find out if you have what it takes to govern a modern society in the complex and realistic virtual environment, where your revolutionary political ideas can't really hurt anyone. Get Democracy 3, for only $24.99 on!
NOTICE: The DRM-free Mac OS X version of the game is on its way to, and should be up for download soon