Release: Dangerous Dave Pack

Hipster Dave starred in Romero's platformers before they were keen.
Dangerous Dave Pack, which includes three classic platformers: Haunted Mansion, Risky Rescue, and Dave Goes Nutz, is now available on for only $5.99.
Among the gaming industry legends, John Romero is one of the most colorful and recognizable people. But how well do you know the early works of the man that pitted you against Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D, sent you on a one way trip to demon-infested space station in Doom, and armed you in nine-inch-nail-gun to blast atrocious Shamblers in Quake? Here's your chance to get acquainted with three games from Romero's pre-id Software times. What kind of games? Platformers, of course!
Dangerous Dave Pack features a sizable chunk of platforming history. Dave, a character created by John Romero, runs and guns through three mind-twisting adventures. In Haunted Mansion our hero searches for his brother Delbert, who was trapped in a house filled with ghosts, ghoul, and zombies, that need to be put down back in the ground with Dave's trusty shotgun. In Risky Rescue Delbert is missing again and Dave has to face the evil, skull-faced Doctor Nemesis to get him back. He succeeds, of course, but there's no rest for the wicked--in Dave Goes Nutz our hero has to break free from a mental institution that's crawling with zombies. For the price of one game you get three sets of devious levels full of monsters to blast, traps to be avoided, and shiny diamonds to collect!
Are you up to some classic platforming action? Do you dare to stare into the pixelated abyss of PC EGA-era gaming history? Well then, grab Dangerous Dave Pack for only $5.99.