Release: Botanicula

Some games are made to make you smile, fall in love, and get lost in a magically created world, and few games can delight you like Botanicula.
Botanicula, a charming adventure/puzzle point-and-click, is available for only $9.99.
Little feather-fly, glowing nut/bulb, mushroom, fungus, and branch-guy--here’s the party of five little tree-friends that need your help to save their home-tree from evil black spidery monsters. On your way you will find dozens of tree-creatures: reimaginations of frogs, flies, bees, and beetles, all beautifully (and bizarrely) hand-drawn and animated. The whole environment is alive with chirping, buzzing and music. Actually, the whole environment is music--all your actions will be accompanied by symphony of chirps, tweets, growls, hums and gulps, all created by the band DVA, that won the game Excellence in Audio award at IGF.
Amanita Design, authors of Samorost and Machinarium, have created an adventure subgenre og their own: one where the exploration is as rewarding, touching, and delightful as the actual puzzle-solving. The simplicity of controls (click something when your cursor turns into a hand) combined with gameplay that encourages exploration (click everything that turns your cursor into a hand!) and brilliant ideas offer an amazing experience beyond regular point-and-clicks. You will want to find all the easter eggs before solving every puzzle and when you do, you will want to share this game with all of your non-gaming friends as an example of something that will delight and astound anyone.
Kirk Hamilton from Kotaku summed up Botanicula with a number of “100% true” facts. We found his summation so accurate we thought we’d include a few of them here:
* Botanicula is so adorable that it can only be controlled by picking up a puppy and moving its puppy paws on your computer's trackpad.
* Botanicula is so charming that it stole Julia Roberts away from Pretty Woman-era Richard Gere. He was pretty pissed but reported that he "couldn't stay mad at [Botanicula]".
* Botanicula is so clever that it snuck up behind the raptor that snuck up on Muldoon in Jurassic Park. "Clever game," said the raptor.
Botanicula is probably the closest thing to that dream you once had you never wanted to forget because it was so creative and fun. If you forgot that dream, get it back for only $9.99 now on