Release: ArcaniA + Fall of Setarrif

Custom-made revenge.
ArcaniA and the standalone expansion Fall of Setarrif, the open-world RPGs that continue the Gothic saga, are now available, DRM-free on, with a 75% launch discount.
Your village has been pillaged, razed to the ground by a mysterious army that escaped on battleships adorned with an eagle. As you embark on a journey of revenge, you quickly realise a far greater evil hides behind the attack and your life is now tangled with an alluring woman who holds a powerful artifact.
As you roam the open world of the Southern Islands, slaying terrifying beasts and completing challenging quests, you'll get to pick your character's skills and customize him entirely as you see fit. Tons of shiny loot, quirky NPCs you may or may not remember from your Gothic adventures, and ferocious encounters await you. But just when you thought evil was defeated, the epic tale continues in Fall of Setarrif, the standalone expansion that sends our hero to a remote area where a demon has found refuge, threatening to spread its dark influence anew.
Build your hero any way you like and conquer the challenges of the Southern Islands in the epic adventures of ArcaniA and Fall of Setarrif, DRM-free on
The 75% discount will last until November 16, 12:59 PM UTC.