QuakeCon Sale with outstanding titles from Bethesda up to 75% off

The 25th QuakeCon is closing in, with three days of celebrity influencer streams, live concerts, charity fundraising, and developer panels starting on August the 7th. To get your ready for this cool event we’ve decided to host a special QuakeCon Sale with Bethesda, featuring cult games from this publisher up to 75% off. Here are a few of them:
Dishonored 2 (-75%) is the follow-up to Arkane Studio's FPP action blockbuster, Dishonored. Play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide.
Quake 4 (-70%) is an FPP where you join an elite squad of marines and take the battle to the heart of the alien Strogg home planet to become Earth’s last hope for victory.
The Evil Within (-75%) is a survival horror from famous creator Shinji Mikami. Take the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos and encounter a mysterious and powerful force.
Hurry up and grab the discounted DRM-free games! QuakeCon Sale will last on GOG.COM until 18th August, 10:59 PM UTC.
If you want to see the cool gameplay featuring some of the titles present in this QuakeCon Sale, visit our Twitch channel. Here are the dates from our Stream Team:
· Quake II: Quad Damage played by Flaose - 6th August - 11:30 AM UTC.
· Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth played by BraxtonWise - 6th August, 4 PM UTC.
· Return to Castle Wolfenstein played by DanVanDam - Friday, 7th August, 5 PM UTC.
The complete schedule can be found here.