Pre-order: Shadow Warrior

Bring a katana to a gunfight. Win.
Shadow Warrior, a modern re-imagining of the classic melee-heavy FPS starring the ultimate Asian badass, Lo Wang, is available 15% off for pre-order on That's $33.99 until the game is released (approximately on September 26). Pre-order during that time to receive a free copy of Shadow Warrior Classic Complete, and a special in-game item, the classic Shadow Warrior katana!
With Shadow WarriorDevolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog bring back one of the legendary heroes of the late 1990's and make sure he's in fighting shape to take on the challenges of modern-day gaming without even breaking a sweat. Yes, Lo Wang is back in action with his faithful katana, sharp enough to slice a hair in half and hard enough to cut through rock. The game re-tells the original story of the 3D Realms fan-favorite classic, but takes some unexpected turns and explores new ideas. This is not the old and wrinkly Lo Wang we met years ago! This is the new, young, and fresh Lo Wang perfect for the new world of first-person shooters. Expect classic feeling, modern looks, and lots, and lots of badassery and gore!
Pre-order your DRM-free copy of Shadow Warrior today, on for $33.99, and you'll receive a special in-game item, the classic Shadow Warrior katana, as well as Shadow Warrior Classic Complete for free!
NOTE: If you already own Shadow Warrior Classic Complete you can contact our support team for a giftable code. Please enter "Shadow Warrior Classic Code" as the topic of your support ticket.