Preorder: Alan Wake's American Nightmare and save up to 25%

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Save up to 25% when you preorder Alan Wake's American Nightmare! Buy it alone for just $13.49--or pick it up with the original Alan Wake and save an additional 15%, which makes your preorder price just $11.24! Don’t worry, if you already bought Alan Wake on, you’ll get the additional 15% discount added automatically. ;)
If you loved Alan Wake--the award-winning cinematic blend of horror and action that has wowed gamers on both the Xbox 360 and PC--you’ll love everything about the stand-alone sequel Alan Wake: American Nightmare. With a full-fledged story mode and a pulse-pounding survival mode, this game has what it takes to appeal to both horror junkies and action fans alike.
The story of Alan Wake's American Nightmare continues with mystery writer Alan Wake taking the fight against evil to a new level as he struggles to defeat his evil double and change the very nature of reality. With the same tight pacing and plot that has made Alan Wake one of the best action horror games ever made, American Nightmare delivers on cinematic horror on a whole new level.
Meanwhile, if action gaming is more your thing, the survival mode where you must stay alive, using the innovative Fight with Light mechanic, throughout the long and lonely night. Can you survive until sunrise? It’s a tough challenge, so sharpen up those reflexes, turn out the lights, and prepare yourself for a chillingly good time.
Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be released on the 22nd of May. Preorder before then and save 10%--or save 25% if you own Alan Wake or purchase it along with American Nightmare!