On-line Demo: Defender's Quest

Try out the brilliant mix of RPG and tower defense, right here!
Monday surprise! Here's a browser based demo of Defender's Quest, a very succesfull attempt of splicing the tower defense and RPG genres, which is available on GOG.com for only $14.99.
Defender's Quest is complex, elaborate, well-polished, and on top of that--well written. You might think that this last part isn't all that much important in a tower defense title, but it actually is, as the whole game is story driven. However, it's only one of the reasons why Adam Smith of Rock, Paper, Shotgun calls it "brilliant" and confesses that his "mild aversion to tower defense has been completely shattered". The main reason for this game to invoke such enthusiasm is that it just keeps on delivering content, so once you pick it up, it's extremely difficult to put it down. With well-executed mechanics, clear visuals, a plethora of scenarios, and many outspoken characters, you'll be enjoying every single minute of it!
The game not only met with critical acclaim, but was also well received by GOG.com users. So, if you're still on the fence with Defender's Quest, you now have the perfect opportunity to see what your $14.99 gets you. The browser based demo below can easily provide you with a couple of hours of play, which is still but a small taste of things to come in the full version. It will also allow you to export your save-file and continue your adventure in the full game, so there won't be losing any progress! Just be careful! This one can make your Monday so much easier to handle, but also very unproductive.