New release: Might & Magic 9: Writ of Fate

Today, we’re wrapping up our collection of one of the legendary RPG series: the Might & Magic classics. Grab Might & Magic IX: Writ of Fate, DRM free on for just $5.99 today!
This is the last game of the genre-defining series, the final adventure. Embark on a quest to save the world in a team of four heroes of your choosing. In addition to your tailored heroes you can hire up to three NPCs to fight for you. Choose from four different races, and then delve into the innovative Promotion system, and progress through 14 different character classes. Twenty three unique skills will let you excel at many different things to refine and define the ultimate party. Level up and upgrade your characters thanks to this innovative and flexible character development system, but don’t forget about the heaps of epic loot hidden throughout the enormous world! Explore dungeons full of spooky creatures and dusty skeletons just waiting to teach you a lesson or two, before confronting with an undead Lich. The combat system was nothing but improved on when 3DO Company changed the engine.
A vicious horde led by Tamur Leng is on its way with the intent of crushing six medieval cities of you homeland, the Scandanavia-like Chedian. Your ultimate goal is to unite the six independent cities into an alliance that together can withstand the massive barbarian army. Complete a plethora of quests to befriend each cities’ Jarl (a mayor) and use that to influence them to partner up. As the plot unfolds you’ll learn that the horde wasn’t the biggest problem the inhabitants of the fictional world of Axeoth will have to worry about, and worse things await you.
Wait no more to complete another epic franchise on your game-shelf! Grab Might & Magic IX: Writ of Fate for only $5.99.