New release: Little Big Adventure 2

We promised it would be coming soon--and here it is! Today we’re adding to the catalog Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen’s Odyssey, released in full EFIGS glory.
After Twinsen defeated the evil Dr. FunFrock it seemed like everyone would live happily ever after until a sudden cloudstorm covered the Citadel Island horizon. Your flying Dino friend from the first Little Big Adventure, is hit by a bolt of lightning and crashes into Twinsen’s garden. Upon investigating, Twinsen finds out that something strange is lurking above the planet of Twinsun. Aliens are visiting, and they’d like to invite Twinsun’s wizards to come visit their home planet.
Twinsen isn’t a wizard, really, but he has a nose for trouble and this looks like something that needs to be investigated, so once again it’s up to you as Twinsen to don your Ancestral Tunic and embark on a quest that will take you to new vistas and new dangers. As a newly-graduated wizard, you will be called upon to visit and save more than just one world. This time you’ll visit 3 different planets, each with its own graphical style and a multitude of locations!
Of course, like any sequel, there are improvements in store besides the bigger and better story and locations. Little Big Adventure 2 has a fully 3D outside world, and the familiar and proven 3D engine for inside rendering as well. The camera got an update too, and now you can rotate the perspective. Dialog is voiced by all of the characters, and with full EFIGS localization it’s helluva treat!
If you’ve missed on either of the Little Big Adventure games, treat yourself to this wacky French classic series and buy them for $5.99 each!