New release: Little Big Adventure

Many of you in the forums got it right: the awesome game coming exclusively to is Little Big Adventure a.k.a. Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure if you played the American version! Brought to you in fully-localized glory, Little Big Adventure is available right now for just $5.99.
You are Twinsen, a Quetch, who are one of four races (Grobos, Rabbibunnies, Spheros, and Quetches) living under two suns on the Twinsun planet. All races coexisted peacefully until the evil Doctor FunFrock discovered how to clone and teleport. He uses these two inventions together to create his very own army which he used to conquer Twinsun by force. Resistance is futile! The only hope is in the mythic Sendell, the benevolent goddess of the planet, who has found a possible hero to help her make the world safe for everyone: a young quetch called Twinsen who has been having the strangest dreams. Unfortunately, in this heavily surveilled society, even dreams are monitored. The evil Dr. FunFrock’s forces have noticed Sendell’s attempt to contact Twinsen via visions while he sleeps, and have arrested the young quetch for his crimes.
For those of you who haven’t played Little Big Adventure, it is primarily an adventure game with clever inventory-based puzzles and captivating conversations with a wide array of characters, but the main focus here is on the action part of the game. The fully 3D character and items model look fantastic, presented in an isometric view while you explore the enormous world. Made up for 11 vast islands with over 120 scenes to jump, run, kick, and talk your way through, Little Big Adventure is definitely a big place to roam. Speaking of which, you can control your hero in four different modes. Normal mode is for walking around and talking to people, Athletic mode grants the ability to run and jump like a parkour maniac, Aggresive mode is the battle mode for maximum damage, and last (but not least!) you can choose Discrete mode in which Twinsen will move stealthily, creeping from shadow to shadow in hiding..
Wait no more! Grab Little Big Adventure for $5.99 with the full exclusive to goodies pack (including unreleased design sketches, artworks, and cinematic shots) and embark on the biggest little adventure you’ve ever seen!
Little Big Adventure is in EFIGS which means that it has five different language options:
- English (full voice & text)
- French (full voice & text)
- Italian (text only)
- German (full voice & text)
- Spanish (text only)