New Release: Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition

Unite a quarrelling kingdom and save a delicate peace.
Save a fragile peace in the open-world RPG Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition, available now on for just $9.99.
It's been two years since the events from Gothic 3. You awaken from a coma induced by the finale of the first game. In those two years, everything has not gone well. Myrtana is divided into four parts, now ruled by old friends of the nameless hero. Gorn took the paladins’ stronghold Gotha, while Thorus united the orcs and he settled in the castle in Trelis. Commander Lee now rules the capital of Myrtana--Vengard--and the eastern parts of the land. Finally, Inog and Anog jointly administer the territories of Silden and Geldern. The promise of peace and unity that you fought so hard for before you fell asleep has proved an empty one.
You as the nameless hero must reconcile the warring parties and bring peace to the land again. The main area to explore is Myrtana, and since this is a sandbox RPG, you can explore it in any fashion you see fit as you fight to preserve your troubled land. The fighting system has been revamped, the open world lets you play the game how you see fit, and the main story and many sidequests are sure to keep you occupied for hours. This is the Enhanced Edition, which fixes many major bugs, improves the overall gameplay, and even has some improved graphics and effects from the original release. is sporting the Enhanced Edition of Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods made by Trine Games & G3 Community Patch Team. Get it now DRM-Free for just $9.99!