New release: Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)

From Quantic Dream, the creators of Nomad Soul and Heavy Rain, today we give you Fahrenheit. As we hinted on Facebook and Twitter, yesterday, this game is also known as Indigo Prophecy (For men, it’s like purple but darker), this is an interactive adventure that’ll rock your world for only $5.99!
Just like the two other titles of Quantic Dream, Fahrenheit is more than just a game, it’s more of a statement to a new, revolutionary style of game play. You are controlling four different characters, the murderer Lucas Kane, the female detective Carla Valenti, the NYPD sergeant Tyler Miles, and Father Markus Kane--Lucas’ brother. Apart from that you’ll meet a variety of lifelike characters that you can interact with. The game is controlled by keyboard and mouse, while the latter has some interesting applications to immerse you even more into the game experience.
While Fahrenheit is an interactive movie/adventure game, it has action sequences with quick time events in which the ultimate success depends if you can get the job done in time. Just to cheer you up guys, you don’t have to be as fast as an 13 year old in button mashing, and you can replay the QTEs until you nail ‘em.
Another original feature, this time in the presentation department, is the innovative use of split-screen. No, there is no split-screen co-op in Fahrenheit, it’s more like a new way of building suspense and showing the game world as a living whole not just one camera hanging above your shoulder ;) Sometimes in the game, the screen will split into two divisions, one will show your character, and the other one will be focusing on things like, cops rushing after you while you are doing everything you can just to escape them.
Rarely an adventure game has so much replay value without a ton of added DLC, Fahrenheit is just so big and entangling in the sheer scope of possible paths to take and multiple endings to witness.
In this release we include a game save with the finished game, because if you have a finished game save you are given a lot of additional content in the game (soundtracks, minigames, cinematics), but we’re afraid that the PC version of Fahrenheit has no support for game pads, so you’ll have to stick your mouse and keyboard to experience this great adventure.
Pick Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy up now on for only $5.99!