New release: Dark Reign + Expansion

Presenting another classic from Activision back catalogue - one of the best RTS games of all time, with great gameplay and a solid cult following, Dark Reign, is now available on
Dark Reign is a fast-paced and challenging real-time strategy game, set in a grim sci-fi universe. Unlike RTS games that came before it, Dark Reign used 3D terrain, with all the appropriate tactical advantages and disadvantages. Unlike modern RTS games, however, it is very fast and skill-intensive. Your AI-controlled opponent will keep you on your toes at all times, so fortifying your base, building a huge army and zerging it towards the enemy base just won't cut it here.
A very important feature, unique to this title, is assigning behaviors to your own units, like when they should run away or how aggressive they should be. This essentially leaves most of the mundane micro-management to your computer, where it belongs. Think you can handle this game?