New Publisher Coming: What Kind of Hero Will You Be?

What kind of hero will you be when our new big publisher joins
Wow, a Monday release and big news today? Is it the end of days?
As we‘ve already told you, 2012 will be a year of grandeur for To prove that, another big publisher will join in a move that wasn’t predicted even by the Mayans (and they knew a lot about 2012). Our new publisher carries an impressive portfolio with some of your all-time favorite game heroes that will join the catalog in coming weeks. Two game characters that are now a standard in their genres will grace our catalog on this Thursday with as we launch the publisher with style, bringing you two new games on one day.
What kind of hero will you be on that day? What are our two major releases? will be giving you clues about the new publisher right here on our forums, hints about one of the two heroes you’ll see on Thursday via Twitter and clues about the other hero on Facebook.