Mod Spotlight: System Shock 2

Essential mods and add-ons to make the most of your System Shock 2 experience.
A couple of months ago a dream came true. We were finally able to add System Shock 2 to catalog. For the first time in years everyone was able to get this excellent title and experience one of the most intense and involving stories ever told in a computer game, for as little as $9.99. The game quickly became one of all-time bestsellers, proving that its legend was still alive, even after all those years of absence in the market. Even though virtually unobtainable, it was never forgotten, thanks to the amazing fan communities and modders this title gathered. Since the game's original release they have been keeping and archiving its lore, fine-polishing the occasional rough edge, and putting a tremendous amount of work into making System Shock 2 look, sound, and feel as good as possible. Let's take a look at the SS2 community and the mods they brought us!
Our version of System Shock 2 is--just as any other game in our offer--ready to install and play with no hassle, as soon as you download it. There are, however, many ways to enhance your experience with the game beyond its original form, using various mods. user voodoo47 prepared an excellent comprehensive guide to recommended System Shock 2 mods and patches in our forums (thank you!). But since not all of our users tend to go as deep in the site, we thought it might be a good idea to bring this to everyone's attention. So, let's get started!
The first thing you want to do when going about modding System Shock 2 is to download and run the latest version of the SS2Tool, created by the talented programmer known as Kolya, who is also the man behind, the amazing community that caters to virtually all possible SS2 needs and keeps the legend alive since the beginning of 2005 (yes, it's been 8 years of unbelievable fan dedication, already!). To assure proper functioning of the SS2Tool, make sure that your System Shock 2 installation path is no longer than 80 characters (as in: "c:gamessystem shock 2", which is fine with only 23 characters). Apart from that, it's plain and simple. You just download the tool, run it, and point it to the game's installation folder. Note that it will connect to the internet to download some additional data. When it's done--you'll be left with your game patched up with all the newest file versions and folder structure required by most mods to run properly, and updated with many small changes and fixes. From that, it should be all smooth sailing, when you install additional modifications.
What mods should you consider installing? Here are the most essential ones that voodoo47 mentions.
As you can imagine, these few mods are just a small (but comprehensive!) part of what the modding community cooked up for the game over the years. If you'd like to investigate other modding options, make sure to visit and (now slightly outdated) sites, where you'll find virtually limitless amount of information and fan-generated content. would also like to take this oportunity to thank people driving the SS2 community and keeping the legend alive through all those years. People like Kolya and his friends from, as well as many users in our very own forums, are what makes PC gaming so remarkable. Thank you!
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