Mod Spotlight: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

It's no secret that Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the sprawling medieval RPG that's giving lovers of open-world gameplay many a sleepless night, is amenable to modding. To illustrate that point, Terrorfox1234 of Nexus Mods put together a comprehensive list of some of the most useful or interesting ones. Take it away, Terrorfox1234!
Kingdom Come: Deliverance has already seen a wealth of mods uploaded to Nexus Mods. Considering the fact the Warhorse Studios hasn't released any official modding tools, the sheer amount of mods uploaded so far is quite impressive!
So, once again, we wanted to put together a list for all of you containing some of the most useful and interesting releases so far.
(Do note that none of these are considered "essential")
Mod Merger - This tool, simply put, detects conflicts in your mods and resolves them. This will be necessary if you are looking to use 2 mods that edit different aspects of the same file(s). (There is also PIKE which aims to be a merging utility and mod manager)
Optimized Graphics Presets - This mod is a selection of config files aimed at improving performance. It's hit or miss, but I wanted to include it as some people have experienced a noticeable gain in FPS.
Freezes and Stuttering Fix - This mod eliminates micro-freezes and stuttering by preventing KCD from hitting 100% load on any CPU core… or some such magic. I don't claim to fully understand it but the overwhelmingly positive response seems to speak for itself.
Anti Alcoholism - Remove the alcoholism debuff. There is a bug in-game which results in being unable to cure alcoholism (although, one might argue for realism there). This mod provides a workaround.
Unlimited Saving - This mod simply removes the Saviour Schnapps use requirement for saving.
Autowalker - Make your way across the countryside without having to hold "W". Use hotkeys to speed up or slow down your pace. Works on horseback as well. Nice.
Easy To See Herbs - A subtle visual overhaul for herbs to make them easier to spot without necessarily making them overly bright or colorful.
Colored Arrow Feathers - Tired of losing your arrows in the underbrush? This mod can help!
Inventory Sorter / A Sorted Inventory - These mods aim to make inventory navigation and item searching easier by applying naming conventions to items. Choose whichever one suits your preference.
More Perks / Perkaholic / KCD Uncut - The first makes additions/changes/fixes to all the vanilla perks/skill lines. The second adds perks to the Agility, Unarmed, and Bow skills. The third restores skill lines for Shields and Hellebardes.
Now that we've reached the end of this list; there are a few types of mods that I didn't touch on that I'd like to make note of.
I generally stayed away from mods that add/alter/remove gameplay mechanics, item stats, or character stats. There's a ton of mods that do similar things or offer highly subjective takes on what the best approach to balancing realism and fun is. I also didn't touch any User Interface (UI/HUD) mods. Again, there a lot of mods in this category that have crossover in functionality or do the exact same thing in different ways.
Given the volume, variety, and subjectivity of those types of mods; I thought it better to simply link to the categories on Nexus Mods and let you dig through yourselves.
We hope this list is of some use to you and don't hesitate to let us know if we missed anything in the comments!
Happy modding!