It runs in the family: The story behind Children of Morta

How do you make a hack ‘n’ slash game that stands out from the myriad of other action-packed titles? The Children of Morta creators have found just the way to do that. By connecting heroes of the game through close familial bonds, Dead Mage, developers of the title, managed to make us care even more for its unique characters.

For the love of the game

Children of Morta was born as a pixel-art passion project and wouldn’t be possible without love and support from gamers around the world. Thanks to crowdfunding, Dead Mage managed to finish the game, which would later be published by 11 bit studios. In total, the project took around five years, and like most creative endeavors, Children of Morta would go through many iterations before becoming the title we know today.
From the beginning, it was clear that the game would be an action RPG title that allowed players the chance to choose from a variety of interesting characters, each with their own unique skills. As development continued, it was apparent that the title needed something that tied the players and its heroes together. After a few brainstorming sessions, Dead Mage finally had the answer to this problem - make the heroes of Children of Morta members of one family, all with their own ups and downs that come with any family.

Against the spread of Corruption

In Children of Morta, gamers follow along with the Bergson family, who live in a distant fantasy land and hold the prestigious title of Guardians of Mount Morta. When we meet them, they’re faced with an impending challenge - the Corruption, which is spreading around the world, twisting nature and buildings alike. Players start the game as the head of the family, John Bergson, who is equipped with a sturdy shield.
As the story progresses, we meet more Bergson family members. For example, Linda Bergson, John’s daughter, is an expert archer, while her brother Kevin prefers to use daggers and speed to defeat enemies in his path. Adorable Lucy Bergson, on the other hand, is exceptionally skilled in fire magic.
All in all, Children of Morta has seven playable characters, and gamers will have the chance to develop and level up all of them while venturing through multiple procedurally generated locations - caves, forests, temples, and more.
When not on harrowing missions, players can return to the Bergson family home. Here, you’ll have the chance to visit Uncle Ben at his equipment workshop, or stop by and say hello to Grandma Margaret, who is more than happy to supply you with some useful potions from her alchemy table.
Yet, the most important features of the house are the interactions between members of the Bergson family. Their conversations give a true human gravity to the heroic story and help players engage emotionally with the game’s dynamic action sequences.

Adventure awaits!

Does this mixture of family dynamics and hack ‘n’ slash action by Dead Mage and 11 bit studios work for gamers? Between thousands of titles sold, a string of awards and nominations (including three Game Informer GOTY award nominations), and highly positive reviews, it’s safe to say that Children of Morta resonates with gamers around the world.