10 Essential Mods for Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Guest Feature With Nexus Mods

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been making waves since before its release. From absolutely smashing its Kickstarter goals to launching with exceptional reviews and praise, it is poised to be one of the most popular games of 2017.
A prolific modding community is already growing, with tons of big and small tweaks to make your experience better. So which mods are seriously worth trying? We asked our friends at Nexus Mods to put together a list of some of the best and most essential D:OS 2 downloads.
Read on, and let us know if you agree!

Nexus Mods' 10 Essential Mods for D:OS 2

by Jim Fitzpatrick (TerrorFox1234)
What makes an amazing game even better? A robust set of modding tools and a passionate modding community! Divinity: Original Sin 2 released with a fully featured Editor, and the folks from Larian Studios even documented its setup and use. As the first weeks have passed since the game's release, we're already seeing a steady influx of new mods.
While this list is not definitive, it should give you a good base to start from. As is the nature of modding, these mods may be superseded by something better in the future or you may just disagree with me entirely! Mods are often subjective and what one may find essential another may be able to live without.
Without any further ado, here is Nexus Mods' list of recommended downloads for Divinity: Original Sin 2!

Tidy Skillbars

This simple QoL mod does wonders for keeping your skill bar nice and organized. By default any new items and objects you pick up get placed in your skill bar. This mod simply stops that from happening. No more need to constantly sort your skill bar and move/remove items!

Timed Autosaves

This mod makes some helpful improvements to the autosave feature. It is configurable to 5, 10, or 20 minute intervals, and takes precaution against accidentally saving in a bad situation by not allowing autosaves during combat.

Crafting Overhaul

Where to even begin with this one? This mod should really be called "Crafting Expansion". The ability to turn glass junk into potion bottles, break down unwanted clothing and armor into scrap pieces (which can then be used to improve other armors), and the ability to build crafting stations on-the-go are just a few examples of the many additions this mod brings to the game.

Expanded Party Size

As you may have assumed by the title, this mod allows more party members. There is also an optional file to increase difficulty if you feel that having additional party members would make the game too easy.

Combat Sneak

This mod simply reduces the AP cost of sneaking in combat from 4 to 2, making stealth a much more viable approach to combat. If you're the stealthy type and found sneaking in combat to be lacking, this mod should fix that right up.

Enemy Randomization

This mod gives baddies a randomly generated permanent buff at the start of combat. The real risk/reward comes from the 15% chance to transform an enemy into a "champion", which gives them several skills and buffs. This stat boost is accompanied by better loot drops though, so it's not all weighted against you.

More Monster Spawns

If you're looking to increase the difficulty of D:OS2 without increasing enemy stats, this is a good option. It greatly increases the number of enemy spawns across every area in the game. Similar to the last mod there is a risk/reward to using this mod. More baddies means harder combat, but more loot!

No Psychic Enemies

You're an undead, covered in armor from head to toe. Just how do the bad guys know that healing spells will hurt you? This mod nerfs the "Loremaster" skill on enemies, preventing them from inexplicably knowing what your resistances are. Perfect for the undead, great for everyone.

Improved Camera

With this mod installed you can increase the maximum zoom out distance and apply vertical tilt while the middle mouse button is pressed. This gives the camera control a feeling more akin to classic 3rd person camera controls and allows you to see more of what's around you!

Fast Run Speed

If you find the default movement speed too slow, this is the mod you are looking for. It comes in two flavors. The first increases movement speed by 30% and the second doubles movement speed.