GOG.com Nominated for Golden Joystick Awards!

If we win, do we get a GOG-den Joystick Award?
Wa-hoo! We've been nominated in the category for "Best Platform" for the Golden Joystick awards for 2013. The Golden Joystick Awards are unique in that they're gaming awards that are determined by the votes of the gaming community--that's you! Whether you think GOG.com should win or not, please do take a moment and cast a vote in the different categories.
Click here to vote for best platform, 2013!
Note that it appears that you need to have an account with the guys at CVG for your vote to actually be counted, so if you're serious about supporting your favorite game distribution platform--or any other category nominee--take the extra moment to register. While you're there, consider casting a vote for our friends at CDP RED for "Most Wanted" and look at all of the titles nominated for "Best Indie Game" that you can already pick up right here on GOG.com!
Of course we voted for GOG.com as best platform, but some of these other ones are devilsh for us to decide on. Best storytelling? Innovation of the year? There are a lot of good choices! After you've voted, leave a comment below and tell us what you selected this year. :)