GOG GALAXY update: Discover great games and important events in a new view

Imagine yourself in this situation: you’re browsing your library, not really knowing what you look for, and you realize you’d like to find something new to play. If this sounds familiar, we have good news - Kleio update with the new Discover view is here to help you with that.
Our newest update introduces a new tab in the GOG GALAXY client to see what's new on GOG and displays game recommendations tailored specially for you, based on your activity on GOG or chosen tags. We hope that like the mythical muse Kleio, it will bring you inspiration and help you discover your next adventure.
The new tab will also contain a news section, to inform you about all things GOG, as well as ongoing events, and some other useful shortcuts, like one to our full catalog or the good old games.
We’re excited by the introduction of the Discover view, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on it too! Please write any feedback you’ll have for the new feature, so we can improve it to better suit your needs in the future.