Get Loria, an exciting retro RTS, for free!

We have good news for all fantasy RTS fans – today Loria becomes a free game on GOG.COM! Here is a special message that we received from one of the game's creators:
Dear Friends and Loria fans,
As some of you may perhaps know, we are working on the new tactical RTS game, Liquidation, and are excited to share the news that we will launch the Kickstarter campaign for the game today! You can check it out here.
To celebrate this important milestone for Liquidation, we have made the decision to give away Loria for free! Great news right? Sadly, we do have to let you know we need to focus our attention on the new Kickstarter campaign and Liquidation development, so, unfortunately, we won’t be able to support Loria moving forward. If you have enjoyed playing Loria and would like to support our development team, you can do so via the Liquidation Kickstarter page by making a pledge there, or by joining the fast-growing Liquidation community forums and Discord channel.
Your support is important to us, and we do hope you will join us on this next chapter in our exciting journey! Thanks for your ongoing support, it means a lot.
Erik Vinclav