CONTEST: Draw the #GOGHero in Divinity: Original Sin 2

We want you to make your own concept art for Divinity Original Sin 2's #GOGHero - draw it, photoshop it, finger paint it, whatever you think works best. Give the #GOGHero their look and win gaming goodies. As always, together with Larian Studios - we'll be going over all the entries and looking for fresh ideas to implement into the final character design.
-- Create your own concept art for the #GOGHero - whatever medium you choose, just make sure you can save it as a good quality image.
-- Embed or link your image in the forum comments.
-- Wait impatiently.
The winner will receive a brand-new ROCCAT Kova gaming mouse.
But as always, we also reserve the right to award honorable mentions with game codes and other goodies!
-- One entry per person!
-- Embed or link to your image in the forum comments.
-- Your first entry submitted to the contest counts - make it a good one!
-- Submit your entry before November 7 12:00 AM GMT to be eligible for a win!
Not sure what it's all about?
Have you heard the word?
The word is that we get the chance to work with Larian Studios to design an NPC character in their about-to-win-kickstarter sequel, Divinity: Original Sin 2 - a unique in-game character, the #GOGHero, complete with a backstory and private motivations to intertwine with the players' fates.
Well. YOU get to design them.
Because the more is always the merrier, we're handing the #GOGHero over to you, the gamers, and everyone is welcome to pitch in with their ideas! The entire gaming community is invited to a massive brainstorming session with Larian Studios &, and to submit their own ideas for the upcoming character.
For a touch of authenticity, Larian is providing official guidelines to work with - just like the ones they use during development. Fun, but optional:
--Each character has 3 major traits: Vanity, aggression, pride, self-confidence, racist towards dwarves/elves/humans/orcs/sourcerers...
--1 Quirk or Eccentricity: A predilection for dogs in leather boots, refuses to face north for religious reasons, in denial about his singing.
--One Fear/Loss/Block/Wound: Something traumatic in their background for which they are compensating in some way, or which drives them to do something normal people don't. His wife was killed in a tragic accident and now he's a kamikaze detective with a death wish. His parents were murdered by a criminal so now he's a vigilante crime-fighter. He's terrified of intimacy so treats women terribly. That kind of thing.
--Race: Human, dwarf, elf, lizard, undead.
--Background: Gender, age, job function, loyalties.
Throughout the brainstorm, the team from Larian, including creative director Swen Vincke among others, will be joining in us to browse, weigh in, and search for inspiration! Finally, when the time comes, they'll design three final characters combining the awesomest ideas, complete with official concept art and backstory. Once again, the #GOGHero will be placed in your hands with an official vote to chose the favorite champion from the three proposals. The winning character will go on to become the community-made, full-featured NPC in Divinity 2: Original Sin.