Check out these 4 classic titles making a grand comeback!

Once again Ziggurat Interactive and GOG.COM invite you to discover some timeless classics. Accompanied by discounts, these gems return from the pages of video game history to bring you fun and excitement.
Gunboat (-33%) is a simulation game where you board a river patrol boat and maneuver it in 3 sweltering combat zones: Vietnam, Colombia, and Panama.
Sea Legends (-33%) is an exhilarating blend of RPG elements and swashbuckling combat, where you must use your strategy and swordsmanship skills to solve complex puzzles.
Steel Thunder (-33%) is a simulation game where you lead an elite tank crew in one of four frontline U.S. tanks of the Cold War era across 21 missions in 3 theaters of operation.
The Train Escape to Normandy (-33%) is a simulation game set during WW2. Your mission is to take control of the train full of stolen works of art and guide it across enemy lines.
All four of the mentioned above games are available on GOG.COM 33% off until 5th February 2021, 2 PM UTC. The same 33% discount rises if you buy two (-40%) or at least three (-50%) games from our Special Sale that includes titles published by Ziggurat Interactive.