Six things you may or may not know about Project Warlock

If you are a fan of run-and-gun game classics like Doom and Wolfenstein, one game that absolutely deserves your attention is Project Warlock, a first-person shooter that keeps the action (and enemies) coming! Check out this guest article by Project Warlock creators.
We’ve collected six things you may or may not know about Project Warlock and, if it’s the latter, then by the end of this piece it will be the former.
While other games have brought gamers some amazing shotguns, Project Warlock’s quad-barrelled shotgun is the real deal. And look, I get it, the shotgun might not be the first weapon of choice among the 38 weapons available in the pixelated glory of Project Warlock, but to (badly) quote Julius Caesar’s famous line - Targeti, Shooti, Killi. Which means that you just don’t know what you’re missing in Project Warlock until you squeeze the trigger of the Harvester.
It’s only then that you can see, hear, and feel the satisfying thump of four upgraded barrels evaporating the helpless fool that got too close to the gun’s cone of lethal buckshot spread.
Snow can conjure plenty of memories for people, but for people born in the pop-cultural landscape of the 80s, there are two things that stick out. The main theme of Northern Exposure and the terrible sound of sinewy snapping and tearing as The Thing sheds its canine form and transforms into something more...alien.
If you’d rather visit “The Brick” from Northern Exposure, you might want to look elsewhere, but for the fans of blood tests conducted with the help of a flamethrower – Project Warlock’s your thing. Or more appropriately – your Thing.
You probably know that the Yeti is a creature that’s known for inhabiting fictional works of art and avoiding being shot on camera by people.
In Project Warlock, you can get the best of both worlds by not only experiencing the stress-inducing Yeti-like screams of your enemies, but also by taking “your shot” at those enemies.
And what comes from the perfect shot? A blood-curdling scream, followed by a geyser of red, chunky pixels spewing all over your screen.
In most games, a door usually signals the end of a level or a reprieve from a room full of hellish spawn. In Project Warlock, the same holds true, but not without a twist. You see, the door might be your “end,” but instead of the end of the level it could be the end of your life.
That’s because the doors have a nasty habit of trying to shoot you dead. And then shoot you again. Before you turn the Necronomicon-like visage on the door into a sticky, bloodied cobweb of entrails you might see your health drop a bit.
While that is typically nothing more than an annoyance, there’s nothing quite as scary as sprinting for a door while you have low health and low ammo, only to have it shoot at you while you are reloading and on your last leg.
Project Warlock is heavy on two things: pixelated viscera and throwback first-person action akin to Wolfenstein, Hexen, and Doom.
And what better way to pay homage to these classic games than by having their main characters’ decapitated, gored, and mutilated bodies hidden throughout the game world? Don’t worry, they’ve all been carefully positioned and arranged in an interpretive way, meaning that there is a base for total denial in the unlikely instance of copyright infringement lawsuits. But, we’ll know what’s up with them, and that’s what is important.
Now, the reason we’re all here - on top of patches ironing out some of the wrinkles in Project Warlock’s fabric (bug fixes, quality of life improvements, tweaks, etc), today marks the day that Project Warlock unleashes two new game modes on GOG.COM, available in the beta channel.
The first one is a sample of the new Endless Mode that throws you into a huge battle with an ever-growing horde of enemies.
The second - accessible after you finish the game - is a New Game+ mode.
We hope you enjoy the new features coming to Project Warlock, and if you haven’t checked it out, and love pixelated gunplay (and loads and loads of pixelated gore), make sure to check out the title on GOG.COM.