More ways to play your GOG games – we’re teaming up with Luna cloud streaming service!

Soon, you’ll be able to play your favorite games from our store, like the Witcher series or Cyberpunk 2077, on multiple devices of your choice. We’re teaming up with Amazon Luna cloud gaming service to give you even more ways of enjoying your titles, while still keeping our mission of DRM-free gaming.
We’ve set up a blog post explaining everything in more detail so make sure to check it out HERE.
What’s most important is that on Luna you’ll be able to play every game that you already own on GOG (and that is also available on Luna). There’s absolutely no requirement to purchase anything twice – you bought it once on our platform so it’s always yours, as always.
Moreover, it works both ways. You’ll be able to buy games that are available on GOG via Luna’s client and they will go straight into your GOG library.
Check out the blog post and have a great one!